The UK’s most-used outdoor food waste caddy.   Available with compostable liners.

  • The UK’s most-used outdoor food waste caddy-supplied by hundreds of local authorities operating food waste collection schemes.
  • Available with compostable liners as an option.
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene.
  • One-piece carry handle allows easy lifting.
  • Reinforced hinged locking lid protects collected materials from the weather and unwanted animal attention.
  • Textured sloped base provides tipping handle for decanting into home composter.
  • Suitable for use with appropriately sized compostable liners
  • Use for vegetable matter if using with home/garden composter, or for all food waste if using with Green Cone, Green Johanna or for collection of designated food waste for a local authority food waste collection scheme.



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Weight: 1.4kg

Dimensions: L - 400mm x W - 320mm x H - 410mm

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