The UK's most-used food waste kitchen caddy, supplied by hundreds of local authorities. This 7-litre food waste kitchen caddy is available with compostable liners.

  • Can be used with 5/7 litre compostable liners.
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene.
  • Wide side-to-side opening allows easy disposal of food scraps.
  • Hinged snap-fitting lid prevents spills and odours. Handle provides the kitchen caddy with an additional locking function in upright position.
  • Use the kitchen caddy for fruit/vegetable scraps if using with a standard garden composter, or for all food waste if using with a Green Cone, Green Johanna or if decanting waste into an external caddy for a local authority food waste collection scheme.
  • Compostable liners manufactured from potato starch and certified to EN13432 (industrial composting) and OK Compost (home composting) standards.
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Weight 0.4kg
Length 230mm
Width 250mm
Height 230mm
Colour Green
Material Plastic
Capacity (L) 7
7 litre Kitchen Caddy 7 Litre Kitchen Caddy 7 Litre Caddy Liners