Designed for the Big Square Composter, this extension module increases your available composting space.

  • Extends (HCST0029) 905 litre Big Square wooden Garden Composter into 1810 litre model
  • Facilitates twin-track composting strategy-use one compost heap whilst developing a new one.
  • Specifically designed to be suitable for both garden waste and vegetable-based kitchen waste.
  • Closed sides prevent compost from drying out to achieve even composting.
  • Easy to assemble in just a few minutes-no nails or screws, or holes to dig.
  • Made from solid wood, which is porous and insulating.
  • High capacity facilitates heat generation and maintenance-perfect for destroying weeds and their seeds.
  • Built to a height that works below waist height avoiding back strain
  • Generous access to finished compost, with wheelbarrow access possible.
  • Lid designed to maintain composter temperatures and prevent rodent ingress.
  • Compost duvet manufactured from recycled woven plastic.   Bubble filling expands with the natural heat from the composter, maintaining high temperatures to optimise the composting process.
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Dimensions: L - 1200mm x W - 1200mm x H - 750mm

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