A six pack of our Green Cone accelerators. These are designed to ensure a healthy and active bacterial population in your Green Cone food waste digester.

  • Add regularly to the Green Cone to ensure a healthy and active bacterial population is maintained at all times
  • Simply shake into food waste caddy or other container each time it is emptied into the Green Cone.
  • Contains 4 principal enzyme types (lipases, anylases, proteases and cellulases) to accelerate digestion of various household food waste types.
  • Suitable for use with all other types of composter and food waste digester.

It is important to add Accelerator regularly to the Green Cone to ensure that a healthy, active bacterial population is maintained at all times.

We recommend a couple of shakes into your Kitchen Caddy every time it is emptied into your Green Cone.

What is the function of bacteria?
Quite simply the bacteria accelerate the speed at which the waste material is disposed of.

They do this by producing enzymes, which break down the different components of the waste allowing the bacteria to absorb the waste as food and eventually convert it into CO2 and water, they ensure the degradation process is working.

There are a number of different strains of bacteria in the Accelerator Powder to produce the different types of enzymes required to cover the range of household food waste.

The four principal enzyme types that the micro-organisms in Accelerator produce are:
Lipases: to digest fats found in butter, other diary produce, meat, game, poultry, cooking oils, and shortening.
Amylases: to digest carbohydrates found in potato peelings, bread, biscuits, starch, rice and pasta.
Proteases: to digest proteins found in meats, milk, milk produce and eggs.
Cellulases: to digest cellulose found in all vegetable matter, fruit skins and peels.

Within the Green Cone Accelerator Powder formulation, there are both mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria on a cereal base.

The mesophiles initiate the process of breaking down the household food waste when it first enters the Green Cone and then the thermophiles take over as the temperature increases towards the bottom of the Green Cone. The high temperatures encountered at this stage results in the death of many of the useful mesophiles.

The addition of Green Cone Accelerator Powder daily will ensure that a healthy population of safe bacteria is always present and keep the degradation process working efficiently.

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Green Cone Accelerator Powder Pack of 6