Team up with compost worms and turn your food waste into rich soil faster than ever before. This versatile compost system sits below soil level, submerged in your garden bed, providing functional outdoor seating. Subpod’s unique design features holes in the divider panel and external walls, allowing the worms to move freely between the chambers and surrounding soil. Naturally insulated, fully pest-proof and completely odourless, Subpod only requires 5 minutes of maintenance a week.

Meet Subpod – the in-garden worm farm that turns food waste into green space.

Odourless and pest-proof, Feeds plants at root level, Composts up to 34lbs of food waste a week, Suitable for families of 2 - 6, Dual compost chambers, Unique ventilation system, Installs directly into any garden area.

Enjoy carefree composting with this pest-free, mess-free and stress-free system.

Product Details

Made from recyclable polypropylene, Existing garden bed required, Ships flat-packed, Easy 5-minute assembly.

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Dimensions: L - 750mm x W - 450mm x H - 430mm

Subpod Interan Lid Subpod In ground Compost System Subpod Classic