The Green Johanna Insulating Jacket offers you more control over the temperature of the compost in your Green Johanna.

It helps to keep temperatures high enough for hot composting and to maintain composting performance in colder weather.

It helps to keep temperatures high enough for hot composting and to maintain composting performance in colder weather.

Add the jacket if:

  • You want to raise the compost temperature to between 30 – 60 + degrees Celsius.
  • In cold weather the outside temperature falls lower than 5 degrees Celsius (which could lead to the composting process stalling).

Remove the jacket if the compost temperature approaches 70 degrees Celsius as this will be too hot for the composting microbes to survive and the process will stall.

The Insulating Jacket is made from foam polyethylene – this is a lightweight, water-resistant material which is also tough but flexible, making it easier to fit and remove.

The jacket is the result of trials to find the best form of effective insulation for the Green Johanna. It comes in four separate pieces – three to cover the container itself and one for the inside of the lid.

The ring sections fit snugly so that cold air can’t circulate between the Johanna and its jacket. These sections are fitted so they overlap the section below; in this way the ventilation holes in the base and the top of the Johanna are not covered. If the holes are covered the composter’s ventilation system will not be able to work.

The jacket is made for Great Green Systems by a specialist foam manufacturer in Corby, Northamptonshire.

Fitting the Insulating Jacket

  • Fit the bottom section first by pulling it down over the Johanna, leaving a gap so that the vents at the bottom of the composter are not covered.  
  • Then add the upper rings so that they overlap the section below by about 5cms. Ensure that the ventilation holes at the top of the composter remain uncovered.  
  • The lid piece fits on the inside of the Johanna’s lid. Peel off the adhesive backing and place the lid piece inside the inner circle on the underside of the lid (this should be a neat fit). Once fitted, the lid piece remains in place.
    The Insulating Jacket must be removed in order to get compost out of the Johanna.

    Removing the Insulating Jacket

     Remove the Johanna’s lid. Leave the lid insulation piece in place. Remove the ring sections in turn, starting with the top section.

    Re-fit the jacket following the instructions above.

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Colour Green
Material Foam polyethylene
Capacity (L) N/A
Green Johanna wearing the Insulating Jacket Green Johanna Winter Jacket Green Johanna Winter Jacket