Since the Sevenoaks District’s household waste collection service does not include a separate food waste collection, we were looking for a way to help residents who want take responsibility for their own food waste and divert it from the general waste stream.

So we partnered with Great Green Systems, who work closely alongside local authority partners to help turn the vision of easy food waste recycling at home into reality.  Their Green Cone and Green Johanna food digesters remove all food waste produced by a typical UK household.  It is a great solution for residents who have a bit of spare space in their gardens, and a huge help to local councils’ efforts to reduce household waste.

Charles Nouhan
Recycling and Commercial Manager

I just thought I would give you an update on my composter.  The bin is currently swimming in worms and although it is used daily for the 3 of us and also some of my garden waste it is only 1/5 full as the natural process is magically eating all my food and waste.  With careful management especially around disposing of meat, fat and bones I have had no sign of any visitors in my bin (other than curious chickens).

I am still completely in love with the product. I used some of the compost from my Johanna to make up a planter with two small ivy cuttings.  After two weeks, in addition to my intended ivy I now have tomato plants and possibly a pumpkin/ courgette plant thriving in my compost which must have come from the Johanna.  Just goes to show what quality is coming out the other end!

The Green Johanna is one of the most wonderful pieces of waste minimisation there is around!

Debbie Lee
Recycling Liaison Officer
Redbridge Council

Cumbria County Council is pleased to work with Great Green Systems after receiving a grant from central government to offer Green Johanna and Green Cones at a greatly subsidised price for householders. Food waste digesters are a great way to reduce household waste in the county and offer an easy way for the householder to treat their food waste at home. The scheme has been very well received around the county.

I purchased a Green Cone to use alongside my existing composter which already works really well. I now have the means to treat all of my food waste, both cooked and uncooked at home as the two bins complement each other perfectly.

Judith Bradshaw
Waste Prevention Officer
Cumbria County Council

Wiltshire Council subsidises part of the cost of a Green Johanna hot composter for our residents to help them manage their food and garden waste at home. These composters are a great way of reducing the amount of food waste that is put into residents’ general waste bins which ultimately reduces the volume of waste that the council has to dispose of.

Amy Williams
Lead Waste Technical Officer
Wiltshire Council

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