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600 litre Thermo King Composter


This large 600 litre capacity insulated modular composter features foamed Thermolen ® plastic for rapid composting and features two large flaps for easy access to finished compost.



  • Large capacity garden composter for medium to large locations.
  • Manufactured from foamed Thermolen ® plastic for rapid composting.
  • Raid composting also facilitated by optimised ventilation system and louvres in the lateral and bottom part of the composter.
  • Specifically designed to be suitable for both garden and vegetable-based food waste.
  • Easy lock system facilitates quick assembly without tools.
  • Features two large flaps for easy and convenient removal of compost.
  • Clamp lid facilitates discharge of humid air, producing ideal conditions inside the composter.
  • Lid adjustable to summer and winter weather conditions to regulate air circulation.
  • Composter base  enables access for micro-organisms whilst protecting from rodents.


Additional information

Dimensions 800 × 800 × 1040 mm
With Base

No Base, Include Base


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