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70 litre Large Internal Waste Bin Compostable Liners

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Two rolls of twenty bags – biodegradable 100 litre compostable liners. Suitable for use with the vast majority of traditional external domestic waste bins and more.

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  • Suitable for use with larger internal domestic waste bins and many internal office bins.
  • Manufactured using biodegradable compound including potato starch.
  • Certified to EN13432 (industrial composting) and OK Compost (home composting) standards.
  • Perform exactly like a plastic liner, but will break down in a matter of months into water, biomass and carbon dioxide in a home composter, municipal composter or in landfill.
  • Do not use with Green Cone-suitable for use with all other composters on this site.


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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 450 × 1000 × 700 mm


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