City Composter 8 litre Bokashi Bin


This city composter facilitates the composting of all kitchen scraps, including meat and dairy products. Ideal for couples, small families and apartment living.


  • Facilitates the composting of kitchen scraps, including meat and dairy products.
  • Fits comfortably under most sink units.
  • Uses anaerobic composting to ferment your kitchen scraps right in the bucket, with no odours or flies.  Simply cut up your food scraps into small pieces, spray with Urban Composter Compost Accelerator Spray and seal the lid. Once full, leave unopened for around two weeks to allow fermentation to take place.
  • Drain the bucket every few days to release excess moisture from the fermentation process.  Use this liquid, diluted (1:100), to add to your plants as a nutritious fertiliser, or pour undiluted down the sink as an organic drain cleaner..


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