Green Johanna with Winter Jacket

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The combination of a Green Johanna and a Winter Jacket helps to maintain the composting process in low temperatures.

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  • High-capacity high-performing composter designed to compost all food waste including meats, fish, dairy and other foodstuffs.
  • Produces rich compost in a matter of months.
  • Simply scrape your plate into the digester at the end of your meal to avoid mess in your internal and external bins.
  • Can be used with internal and external food waste caddies and compostable liners as a complete domestic food waste management system.
  • Reduces the amount of methane-producing organic waste sent to landfill in areas with no local authority food waste collection.
  • Patented vented base and lid aeration system facilitates safe aerobic digestion of food waste.
  • Robust modular screw-locked design significantly reduces threat of rodent ingress.
  • Supplied with compost aerator to stir compost every few weeks.
  • Manufactured with 100% recycled plastic.

For more information please download our Green Johanna composting handbook.

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Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 820 × 820 × 940 mm

14 reviews for Green Johanna with Winter Jacket

  1. Antony and Claire

    Having tried several plastic compost bins over the past ten years, the Green Johanna has come out on top, a fabulous product worthy of its five-star rating.
    The tough, rigid design holds its shape well and the provided aeration stick stirs the compost incorporating essential air very effectively.
    These bins are also a great, efficient way to compost manure and leaves separately.
    Great Green Systems are an excellent company to deal with, who provide a fabulous range of bins and always give great customer service.
    You will not be disappointed with any of their products.

  2. Ray Fitton

    The Green Johanna is a first-rate composter, the best I have ever had over many years of gardening. The fact that it is rodent proof and that even cooked food and meat can be put in there is an added bonus.
    The company’s customer care is also equally good.

  3. Matthew Innes

    Excellent piece of kit – it just eats all of our kitchen waste and has never been full in over a year. I wish everyone would get one – it would save a lot of landfill.

  4. Christine O’Mahony-Zed

    We have been using our Green Johanna for several years now but lost the metal part of the stirring stick a while ago. I wasn’t sure it would be possible to get another stick as it didn’t appear to be available as a separate item. However, after contacting the very helpful people at GGS I was pleased to hear that they would send me a replacement free of charge. It arrived on the weekend and will soon be put to use! Thank you to all the team.

  5. Michela Ling

    I have only given 4 stars because the winter jacket for a Johanna arrived folded and unlabelled in the box and I completely dismissed it as filler! Fortunately I didn’t throw it away. However the situation was satisfactorily resolved and I look forward to using it. At a later date I shall write another review and I expect it will be a 5 * one like everyone else’s.

  6. Freddie McCormack

    I have been home composting for over 18 years and have used lots of different compost bins. I compost everything, meat, bread, cheese, garden prunings etc and without doubt the best compost bin to cope with all these different ingredients is the Green Johanna. It is easy to assemble, brilliantly designed to maximise air flow and has an integrated base to keep rats out. Its swivel lid keeps it all very secure and allows you to adjust the ventilation levels. It has a large capacity and can be placed in a shady spot. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at so you don’t have to hide it away like those black daleks. I have three Green Johannas proudly on display in my garden, I call them my three musketeers! I also admin a Facebook Group called Eco Cops which has over a thousand members and I thoroughly recommend the Green Johanna to them. Those who have gone on to purchase their own Green Johannas have shared similar positive feedback to me personally and to the group in general. Highly recommended, 5 stars!

  7. Nick Chart Southampton

    We bought a Green Johanna 3 years ago and it has been very effective. We add all our food waste and grass cuttings and we get excellent compost each season.

  8. James Taylor

    How many litres is this unit please?

    • Robbie Halford

      Hi James

      The Green Johanna is 330L

  9. Dev

    I ordered this on the 15th of May, 2020 late at night and on the 20th of May, 2020 it was delivered to my home. My husband fitted it together quite easily and I have to say that I am delighted with the look, quality and size of the Green Johanna. I am very impressed with the speed of which my order was fulfilled as I thought that it would take a few weeks because of the Coronavirus lockdown. I shall be starting using it tomorrow and cannot wait to have my own homemade compost. I want to buy my mother one now.. Highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to buy a compost bin.

  10. Sue Fisher (verified owner)

    Over the last five years my Green Johanna has performed superbly, transforming all my food waste (including meat and fish) quickly and efficiently into wonderful rich compost. The bin is extremely easy to use with a secure twist-off lid and the finished compost is easy to harvest via the two large hatches, handily placed on either side for good access. The compost is very nutritious and particularly good for getting excellent crops from ‘hungry’ plants like sweet peas, dahlias, squash, beans and sweetcorn.

  11. Chloe

    We have bought 2 Green Johannas through our council discount this year and we love them. Bertha and Belinda as we have named them, sit proudly in our garden eating all our kitchen and garden waste and putting their ugly dalek neighbours to shame. The lid makes them easy to access and they fit so much in. We have already had fantastic compost from them. We recently acquired Beryl secondhand to join the gang and friends are starting to save us scraps and straw pet bedding to feed the compost obsession. We have room for a few more so watch this space!

  12. Chris Tapping (verified owner)

    Really happy with this composter so far. I am using it with the winter jacket.

  13. Gillian

    This year is the first time I’ve tried composting and I can’t believe how effective the Johanna has been. The instructions which I followed to the letter in setting it up were very helpful and I was getting great compost much faster than any other composter I’d researched.

    Customer service has been excellent. I would highly recommend the Johanna and Great Green Systems.

  14. Derrick

    Brought the 330 Johanna hot composter last year can honestly say thrilled to bits ,its very well made and strong and most importantly gets us into the good habit of putting kitchen waste in our caddy every day and throughout the year gradually filled the composter as recommended with grass clippings/leaves etc in between and it’s quite easy to stir the contents to get the air into the mixture a good tip is use a garden hoe in conjunction with the free stirrer and you really can move the contents and turn it over.My composter now filled up to the brim over the months and have just got out beautiful mulch/compost and no smell at all, it’s the best garden aid I’ve ever purchased and would recommend to all and tremendous value,and a nice feeling to be helping reduce landfill.

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