In-Ground Worm Farms

  • Hori Hori Gardening Multi Tool


    ‘Hori Hori’ is a Japanese phrase which translates roughly to ‘dig, dig.’ You can also ‘cut cut’, ‘saw saw’ and ‘measure measure’ with this brilliantly simple and highly versatile multi-tool. Rip through tough roots, sow seeds at the perfect depth and dig up weeds in seconds. Rust-resistant, stain-resistant – life-resistant, this sustainable multi-tool will last you through many growing seasons to come. 

  • Subpod Grow Garden Bed


    The Subpod Grow Garden Bed sits at 17.7 inches high, deeper than the average bed. Give your plants the room they need to develop robust root systems. This sleek garden bed will blend into any garden with its minimal, attractive design. It’s a beautiful companion to the Subpod compost system.

  • Subpod In-Garden Compost System


    Team up with compost worms and turn your food waste into rich soil faster than ever before. This versatile compost system sits below soil level, submerged in your garden bed, providing functional outdoor seating. Subpod’s unique design features holes in the divider panel and external walls, allowing the worms to move freely between the chambers and surrounding soil. Naturally insulated, fully pest-proof and completely odourless, Subpod only requires 5 minutes of maintenance a week.

  • Subpod Essential Bundle


    Subpod is the versatile compost system and worm farm that sits below soil level. Submerged in your garden bed, it keeps your compost where you need it most and provides functional outdoor seating. Naturally insulated, fully pest-proof and completely odourless. Keep your compost healthy in just 5 minutes a week with the Subpod Compost Aerator.

  • Subpod Grow Bundle


    Compost up to 34lbs of food waste a week with the Subpod compost system. No garden bed? No worries. This bundle features a sleek, zinc-coated aluminium Grow Garden Bed that will fit into any garden space. With a Subpod Compost Aerator included, this bundle has everything you need to start composting and growing food.