Subpod Essential Bundle


Subpod is the versatile compost system and worm farm that sits below soil level. Submerged in your garden bed, it keeps your compost where you need it most and provides functional outdoor seating. Naturally insulated, fully pest-proof and completely odourless. Keep your compost healthy in just 5 minutes a week with the Subpod Compost Aerator.

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Turn food waste into green space with the essential Subpod composting bundle.


  • 1 Subpod in-garden compost system and worm farm
  • 1 Subpod Compost Aerator 

Product Details

  • Subpod: 29.5” L x 17.7” W x 16.9” H, made from recyclable polypropylene
  • Aerator: 33.4” L x 10.2” W when assembled, made from food-grade stainless steel