Urban Composter 15 litre Bokashi Bin


This indoor composter can be used to break down cooked foods which can then be added to a compost bin.


  • 15 litre capacity suits kitchen-top use in most household environments.
  • Uses anaerobic composting to ferment kitchen scraps right in the bucket, with no odours or flies. Simply cut your food scraps into small pieces, spray with Urban Composter  Accelerator Spray and seal the lid.
  • Drain the bucket every few days to release excess moisture from the fermentation process. Use this liquid, diluted (1:100), to add to your plants as a nutritious fertiliser


What can I put in it?

All types of food scraps can be added. These include greens, meat, fish, citrus, dairy, coffee grounds, wilted flowers and egg shells (no bones or excessive liquids). We recommend cutting up scraps into smaller pieces to allow for quicker fermentation. Make sure proteins such as meat and fish are thoroughly sprayed with accelerator.

How do I use it?

Cut up your food scraps and throw them into the Urban/City Composter. Spray compost accelerator onto the scraps every time they are added. Drain the juice off every few days. This can be diluted (1:100) with water and used as a fertiliser in the garden. It can also be poured undiluted down the sink as an organic drain cleaner.

I live in an apartment, can I still use an Urban/City Composter?

Even if you do not have a garden you can use our Urban/City Composter to reduce your food waste and so benefit your home and the environment. If you have a balcony, mix the contents of the Urban/City Composter in a large tub of soil. This will turn into compost which will nourish other pot-plants. If this is not possible, many councils operate food waste collection services. As a last resort, even if you put the contents in the refuse bin you have reduced the volume of your food waste. As the food scraps have broken down in the composter, there will be less negative impact of harmful gases going into the atmosphere. Plus you will have produced your own organic fertiliser which your plants will love

When it’s full what do I do?

Ensure that your Urban/City Composter Bokashi Bin is left unopened for 10-14 days after it is full to ensure it’s fermented. Once fermented, ensure all juice is drained off. Then bury this pre-compost mixture under soil, or add to a composter to act as accelerator. Once broken down this can be used elsewhere in the garden.



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