Our 100 litre mini water butt is ideal for small gardens. This easy-to-assemble 100 litre water butt comes as a kit supplied with a 3-piece stand and rain diverter to collect rain water from standard UK downpipes.

  • Compact space-saving design of this mini water butt means that it can fit into tight spaces.
  • Particularly suitable for use with garages, greenhouses and sheds.
  • Two 100 litre water butts can be combined using a water butt link kit to save more water in small spaces.
  • Easy-to-assemble 3-piece stand makes it easy to empty water from the butt's tap into a standard watering can.
  • Made from recycled plastic.

Kit comprises: 100L mini water butt, 3-piece stand, downpipe rain diverter.

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Made in the UK
Weight 4kg
Length 360mm
Width 320mm
Height 960mm
Colour Black
Material Plastic
Capacity (L) 100
100 litre Mini Water Butt