Recycle your food waste nature’s way

Turn your food waste – even cooked food, meat, fish and dairy – into food for your garden with our Green Johanna hot composter (one of BBC Gardeners’ World magazine Star Buys for 2021) and our Green Cone food waste digester (See Food Waste Digesters).

Great Green Systems can also provide you with a range of products and accessories to help with your home recycling.

What Our Customers Have To Say

The Green Johanna is a first-rate composter, the best I have ever had over many years of gardening.
The fact that even cooked food and meat can be put in there is an added bonus.
Ray Fitton

This is a great composter. Everything goes in and comes out as beautiful, friable compost. Because you can put all food waste in…it is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of sorting out raw veg from other food waste.
JJ Hindley

My favourite bin is the Green Johanna. Versatile and well made, it copes with anything: garden waste, leftover Chinese takeaway, cardboard, shredded trees, kitchen waste. There’s no fuss, bother or unpleasant smells.
Tony Curtis, Leicestershire Master Composter

Wiltshire Council subsidises part of the cost of a Green Johanna hot composter for our residents to help them manage their food and garden waste at home. These composters are a great way of reducing the amount of food waste that is put into residents’ general waste bins which ultimately reduces the volume of waste that the council has to dispose of.

Amy Williams
Lead Waste Technical Officer
Wiltshire Council

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