With Your Food Waste

Turn your food waste—even cooked food, meat, fish and dairy—into food for your garden with
our award-winning Green Johanna hot composter and our Green Cone food waste digester.

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Wiltshire Council subsidises part of the cost of a Green Johanna hot composter for our residents to help them manage their food and garden waste at home. These composters are a great way of reducing the amount of food waste that is put into residents’ general waste bins which ultimately reduces the volume of waste that the council has to dispose of.

Amy Williams
Lead Waste Technical Officer
Wiltshire Council


My favourite bin is the Green Johanna. Versatile and well made, it copes with anything:
garden waste, leftover Chinese takeaway, cardboard, shredded trees, kitchen waste.
There’s no fuss, bother or unpleasant smells.

Tony Curtis
Master Composter

This is a great composter. Everything goes in and comes out as beautiful, friable compost.
Because you can put all food waste in…it is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of sorting out raw veg from other food waste.

JJ Hindley

I got my Green Cone many years ago and have been using it for all the family food waste. It has not needed emptying for all those years. There have been no odours or flies or any other vermin evidence. It is one of my better investments. Recently the kitchen caddy gave up the ghost (due mainly to UV action). Upon contacting GGS regarding a replacement they sent me one with no charge. What good customer service. The whole experience in my dealings with the company have been excellent and beyond reproach.

Allan Turner

I have been home composting for over 18 years and have used lots of different compost bins. I compost everything, meat, bread, cheese, garden prunings etc and without doubt the best compost bin to cope with all these different ingredients is the Green Johanna. It is easy to assemble, brilliantly designed to maximise air flow and has an integrated base to keep rats out. Its swivel lid keeps it all very secure and allows you to adjust the ventilation levels. I have three Green Johannas proudly on display in my garden, I call them my three musketeers! Highly recommended, 5 stars!

Freddie McCormack

Buckinghamshire Council wants to help its residents reduce food waste, and working with Great Green Systems to offer discounts on a range of products is a fantastic way of doing this. The Green Johanna and Green Cone are a brilliant way for residents to put their food waste to good use in the garden and it saves food waste being collected and transported by the council.

Andrew Jenkins
Waste Prevention Team Leader 

Buckinghamshire Council


I am still completely in love with the product. I used some of the compost from my Johanna to make up a planter with two small ivy cuttings. After two weeks, in addition to my intended ivy I now have tomato plants and possibly a pumpkin/courgette plant thriving in my compost which must have come from the Johanna. Just goes to show what quality is coming out the other end!
The Green Johanna is one of the most wonderful pieces of waste minimisation there is around!

Debbie Lee
Recycling Liaison Officer

Redbridge Council

We’ve had our garden Cone for over 12 years … It’s needed no attention and it’s amazing how all our waste foods and chicken carcasses just vanish. Even coped with a glut of unusable runner beans after we came back from holiday. Finally the lid has split but spare was available by return. Just a shame that it’s not more widely marketed so more people aware.

Geoff Allen

Over the last five years my Green Johanna has performed superbly, transforming all my food waste (including meat and fish) quickly and efficiently into wonderful rich compost. The bin is extremely easy to use with a secure twist-off lid and the finished compost is easy to harvest via the two large hatches, handily placed on either side for good access. The compost is very nutritious and particularly good for getting excellent crops from ‘hungry’ plants like sweet peas, dahlias, squash, beans and sweetcorn.

Sue Fisher

Great Green Systems works in partnership with local authorities offering subsidised or discounted food waste composters to residents. Such schemes typically divert an estimated 250kg per family per year from landfill or treatment centres.  

In 2020 Cumbria County Council estimated that over five years their scheme offering residents subsidised Green Johannas and Green Cones had diverted more than 5,000 tonnes of food waste from landfill.

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