With Your Food Waste

Turn your food waste—even cooked food, meat, fish and dairy—into food for your garden with
our award-winning Green Johanna hot composter and our Green Cone food waste digester.

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Hot Composter

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Food Waste Digester

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My favourite bin is the Green Johanna. Versatile and well made, it copes with anything.

Tony Curtis

Master Composter


We’ve had our Green Cone for over 12 years …it’s needed no attention and it’s amazing how all our waste foods and chicken carcasses just vanish.

Geoff Allen

This is the first time I’ve tried composting and I can’t believe how effective the Johanna has been. Getting great compost much faster than any other I’d researched.


The Green Johanna is one of the most wonderful pieces of waste minimisation there is around!

Debbie Lee

Recycling Liaison Officer

Redbridge Council

Over the last five years my Green Johanna has performed superbly, transforming all my food waste (including meat and fish) quickly and efficiently into wonderful rich compost.

Sue Fisher

I compost everything – meat, bread, cheese, garden prunings etc – and without doubt the best compost bin to cope with all these different ingredients is the Green Johanna.

Freddie McCormack


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