Compost Tumblers

The Maze Compost Tumbler is offered with its Composting Cart so that you can easily move compost around your garden. 




The new 180 litre geared Compost Tumbler by Maze is offered as a pack together with the Compost Cart for the easy collection and transportation of compost in any size…




The Composting Cart makes light work of collecting ready-to-use compost from your Tumbler and transporting it around your garden.




The UK’s most-used food waste kitchen caddy, supplied by hundreds of local authorities. This 7-litre food waste kitchen caddy is available with compostable liners.



The UK’s most-used outdoor food waste caddy.   Available with compostable liners.



Suitable for use with the vast majority of internal food waste caddies supplied on UK food waste collection programmes.



Suitable for use with the vast majority of traditional outdoor food waste caddies and other applications.



A composting accelerator comprising a dry mixture of bran and molasses combined with bacteria, yeast and fungi.  Raises composting temperatures within hours and speeds up the composting process.  



Spare Parts