Our high-quality modular 400, 600 and 900 litre compost bins from Graf are made from insulated Thermolen® plastic for rapid composting.

  • The ventilation system and louvres in the side and bottom part of the composter enable fast, efficient composting.
  • Designed for garden waste and vegetable-based food waste.
  • Features an easy-lock system for quick assembly without tools.
  • Two large flaps mean you can easily remove compost.
  • Clamp lid allows for the discharge of humid air, producing ideal conditions inside the composter.
  • Lid is adjustable to summer and winter weather conditions to regulate air circulation.
  • An optional base, which is available separately, allows easy access for worms and insects while deterring rodents.
Green down arrow
Length 740mm
Width 740mm
Height 840mm
Colour Green
Material Plastic
Capacity (L) 400
400 litre Thermo King Compost Bin Thermo King