500g bags of premium mixed composting worms (each bag contains approximately 350 worms).

Benefits of using composting worms include the following:

  • Speeds up the composting process – worms are specially selected to eat and digest organic material quickly. Under ideal conditions composting worms can eat half their weight in vegetation each day
  • Improves compost quality - compost produced by composting worms (vermicompost) is richer and more nutrient-dense.
  • Vermicompost provides a free, ready supply of fertiliser for healthy plant growth.
  • Your hard-working worms do all the work – they turn the compost for you and by their tunnelling actions aerate it too.
  • These mixed composting worms are ideal for our Maze wormery range.
  • 1 bag per wormery required
  • Shipped separately directly from our worm farm partner in Herefordshire
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Mixed Bag Composting Worms