This compact wormery by Maze takes up a small space but will make a big difference to your recycling routine and your garden.

Wormeries also make great projects for children, showing how these tiny creatures are essential to the earth and therefore to us.  

This neat wormery features two working trays so that worms can move upwards for fresh food when the bottom tray is full. Worm casts are then harvested from the lower tray.

The easy-lift lid can be hung conveniently on the side of the wormery while you add food scraps. Also included are a liquid collection tray for use under the wormery and coconut peat (to make the worms’ bedding).

Worms supplied separately from our worm farm partner in Herefordshire.

Wooden/plastic legs supplied separately.

Worms need a sheltered home away from rain, direct sun and extremes of temperature – a shed or garage is ideal.

Lightweight and portable. Made from recycled material diverted from landfill.  



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Weight: 3.6kg

Dimensions: L - 381mm x W - 381mm x H - 279mm

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