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  • 100 Litre Mini Water Butt Kit

    100 Litre Mini Water Butt Kit


    This easy-to-essemble compact 100 litre water butt is supplied as a kit with a down pipe rain diverter.

  • 210 litre water butt

    210 Litre Harcostar Water Butt Kit


    This attractive traditional barrel-shaped water butt comes in a dark green colour to suit most garden applications.

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    245 litre Maze Compost Tumbler


    The new 245lt Compost Tumbler by Maze transforms leftover waste and garden refuse into a rich, nutrient dense compost with next to no effort at all.

  • Sale! 5 / 7 Litre Compostable Food Caddy Liner

    5 / 7 Litre Compostable Food Caddy Liner

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    Two rolls of 52 biodegradable 5-7 litre Compostable Liners. Suitable for use with the vast majority of internal food waste caddies supplied on UK food waste collection programmes.

  • Kitchen Caddy in use

    7 litre Internal Food Waste Kitchen Caddy

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    The UK’s most-used food waste caddy – supplied by hundreds of local authorities operating food waste collection schemes.

  • Standard Flat-Pack Composter

    Graf 450 litre Eco Master Flat Pack Composter


    This 450 litre composter features a wind-resistant lid and a large flap with a handle for convenient removal of finished compost.

  • 600 Litre Modular Composter

    Graf 600 Litre Eco-King Composter


    This large 600 litre capacity modular composter is quick to assemble and has a bottom flap for easy access to finished compost.

  • Sale! Food waste being added to a Green Cone

    Green Cone Food Waste Digester

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    The Green Cone Food Waste Digester turns cooked and uncooked leftover food, including meat, fish and bones, into nutrient-rich soil conditioner – no stirring or turning required.

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    Green Johanna 330 litre Hot Composter

    (13 customer reviews)

    A hot composter, the Green Johanna recycles all kinds of waste food – even cooked food, meat and fish.